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Setting up any one of the following structures in Malta can be very effective. Be it an asset-holding structure, an international trading company, a ship-owning company, an investment vehicle or a captive gaming company, Malta provides several solutions to accommodate everyone’s wishes.

Malta Company Facts

  • Maltese Company Law is based on UK legislation and compliant with EU legislation.
  • A Malta company may be either public or private. It also caters for a limited liability company.
  • Both public and private companies in Malta can have a minimum of 2 shareholders, whereas a Maltese limited liability company can also be single-member.
  • Maltese companies must have a minimum issued share capital as follows:
    • Private company: €1,165 with at least 20% paid up and
    • Public company: €46,588 with at least 20% paid up.
  • A Malta company registration fee ranges between €350 – €1,750.
  • The Annual fee of companies in Malta depends on the share capital ranging between €165 to €979.
  • In an established Malta Company there are certain local requirements that must be met, them being:
    • having a local registered office
    • filing of annual return
    • filing of audited financial accounts and the
    • filing of tax return.
  • Full public disclosure of company sectary, shareholders and directors when setting up a Malta company.
  • A Malta company allows for a shareholder to be either corporate or individual.
  • The beneficial owners do not need to be disclose their information to the public unless shares are held directly and not through a licensed Fiduciary.
  • A Malta company permits fiduciary shareholders.

Since Malta is proving to be a popular jurisdiction of choice for setting up a company owing to the extremely competitive tax system alongside a number of highly effective double taxation treaties. Having said this Malta company formation is becoming increasingly more popular.

Formation of a Malta Company

  • Incorporating a Malta company takes only 2 working days.
  • Typically a Malta company formation procedure takes approximately 48 hour.
  • A reservation of a Malta company name may be done for a period of 3 months.
  • Any language using Latin alphabet can be usedincluding numbers.
  • Whilst setting up a Malta company abbreviations are required, being either of the following: “Ltd” or “Plc” according to the type of company.
  • A Malta company must have at least one director and one company secretary as long as these are not one and the same person.
  • The submissions of annual returns take place by a Malta company upon each anniversary (date of registration).

Malta Company Benefits

  • A Malta company is offered tax exemptions, whereas participating holdings are fully exempt.
  • No withholding taxes, stamp duties or exchange controls restrictions would apply on distributions of profits from a Malta company to non-resident shareholders.
  • Incorporation of a Malta company takes place at your desired choice of name.
  • A company may conduct its business internationally by only making little changes through a Malta company.
  • A registered Malta company is considered resident in Malta even if business or ownership is carried outside our shores.
  • Malta companies may hold funds in banks outside Malta.

Maltese companies are able to conduct any business activity, whether in Malta or outside Malta, including buying and selling of commodities, agency and representation, consulting and advisory services, e-commerce, online gaming and financial services.